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N-Series Chiller ideal for wineries

The N-Series Chiller delivers ideal chilling capability for winery applications in a durable, adaptable system

December 21, 2015   Food in Canada

Food In Canada

N SeriesCentury Refrigeration, a division of RAE Corporation, is announcing the availability of its N-Series Chillers, ideal for winery chilling applications. The N-Series Chiller provides all the advantages of a proven Century Comdustrial design in a complete, factory run-tested chiller package engineered for durability and serviceability.

With a variety of available options and accessories, Century Refrigeration’s engineering experts can design and build N-Series Chiller units for a range of chilling applications with no need for modification in the field. The N-Series Chiller is constructed from high-quality components for the greatest possible durability, thereby optimizing efficiency and lengthening service life.

The N-Series Chiller features accessible components and appropriate fin spacing to allow for easy maintenance, and is designed to be serviceable with a minimal number of OEM components. Also, Century Refrigeration’s expert service technicians and large inventory of replacement parts ensures timely, professional, and reliable service throughout the chiller’s lifetime.


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