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Microwavable – and crispy

Budenheim’s new BUDAL MW 500 acts as a crisping agent for microwavable dough and batters

July 29, 2014   Food in Canada

Bake & Snack Food

Budenheim, Germany – Budenheim introduced BUDAL MW 500 at IFT this year in New Orleans.

BUDAL150x112The company says BUDAL MW 500 is made for use in dough and batter systems and provides flexibility in formulation while maintaining the characteristics of the microwavable food.

BUDAL MW 500 directs the absorption of microwave energy at the surface of baked goods accompanied by its transformation into heat. The result is intense heating of the product’s surface imitating the heating process in a traditional baking oven. The surface turns brown.

And crust characteristics, sensory properties and product qualities are identical to that achieved in a standard baking oven.


The company adds that BUDAL MW 500 acts a crisping agent and with it dough and batters don’t need any additional crisping sleeves or susceptors for an appetizing appearance or crispiness.


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