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Mecatherm launches new oven for delicate food production

May 4, 2023   by Food in Canada Staff

Bake & Snack Food

Mecatherm presents its new M-DAN Oven, an evolution of the FDAN Oven. The M-DAN Oven is dedicated to the production of delicate pastry products, dairy desserts, vegetables, plant-based protein products, and other savoury dishes such as meat and cheese-based pastries.

When developing this oven, the research and development teams worked around three major concerns of ease of cleaning the inside and outside of the oven; baking precision; and energy efficiency and yield.

Made of all stainless-steel materials, M-DAN’s interior design and waterproof body allow for the drainage of wastewater. Operators have complete access to all areas of dirt buildup without having to disassemble elements. The oven is also equipped with automatic rotating brushes for cleaning belts and low drawers for recovery of solid residues after baking.

With  three combinations of heat transfer modes, the M-DAN Oven offers the flexibility required to meet the demand for a variety of products. The oven’s modular construction offers compact and independent heating zones so that the user can make adjustments to heat flows (by convection and/or radiation), heating intensity, and airspeed.


The M-DAN Oven offers a baking surface of up to 230m².

“Our new M-DAN Oven meets the challenges of flexibility and energy efficiency while being particularly easy to operate and clean. Its high level of cleanliness is undoubtedly a major asset, achieving compliance with the strictest sanitary standards without wasting time on tedious cleaning operations,” explains Xavier Gotti, oven product manager at Mecatherm.


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