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Maximize efficiency in shrink-sleeve packaging

Butler Automatic offers its Automatic SP3HSL Sleeve Splicer to help meet the demand for more efficient shrink-sleeve packaging

February 22, 2017   Food in Canada


Massachusetts – Demand for shrink-sleeve packaging is on the rise, especially in the beverage industry. Even tamper-resistant packaging applications are seeing more demand for it, says Butler Automatic.

To help meet these demands the company offers its innovative patent-pending SP3HSL automatic shrink sleeve splicer.

In shrink-sleeve packaging applications film roll changes must occur as frequently as once every 18 minutes, and changing the roll by hand wastes one to three minutes of production time.

The unit provides a zero-speed, in-registration, automatic splice from an expiring roll of film to a new roll, all while continuously providing film to the downstream process without interruption or any need to reduce the process speed. The SP3HSL provides a butt-splice joint with tape on both sides.

The SP3 Automatic Sleeve Splicer increases line efficiency by nine per cent or more in these applications. Capable of running at speeds of up to 450 feet per minute (FPM), the SP3HSL is ideally suited for increasing production time in Consumer Packaged Goods and Pharmaceutical applications using shrink sleeve packaging.


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