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Marel Meat solutions for further processing

Marel Meat says it offers equipment and solutions for the automated production of meat products and sausages

June 12, 2018   Food in Canada

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Marel Meat offers automated equipment for a wide variety of meat products, including sausages.

The company says it offers equipment solutions for meat preparation, forming, coating, frying, cooking, linking/peeling sausages and co-extrusion.

For ground meats the company offers mixing, grinding, fat analysis and emulsifying equipment. For forming meat products the company offers the RevoPortioner line, the MasterFormer and PlateFormer.

For marinating the company offers ValueSpray and ValueDrum. For frying the company offers the GoldFryer and for cooking it offers the ModularOven, SpiralOven and LinearOven.


For sausages, Marel offers equipment such as ModularLoader, MasterLink and CoexSkin for fresh. There’s the Frank-A-Matic Linker series, FlexLinker and SmartLinker for cooked and smoked linkers. There’s also the QX Link Sausage System for cooked and smoked co-extruded sausages.



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