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Make mini products easy

Hinds-Bock Corporation's Hinds Bock Mini Products Depositing Line can efficiently produce mini muffins, mini cupcakes, single-bite snack cakes

May 19, 2015   Food in Canada

Bake & Snack Food

Seattle, Wash. – Mini products such as mini muffins, mini cupcakes and single-bite snack cakes can be easily manufactured with Hinds-Bock Corporation‘s Hinds Bock Mini Products Depositing Hinds-BockMiniBaker350x242Line.

The company says the system offers high yield and low labour in addition to fast speeds, making the production of mini products efficient.

The system’s features include many custom automation modules to meet customers’ unique product requirements.

The modules can include:
• tray denesting;
• automatic tray/pan release agent oiling;
• automatic batter depositing using positive shut-off spouts, PLC and servo motor drive available;
• topping depositor for a second batter flavour, cream cheese or fruit;
• dry ingredient target depositor for chocolate chips, nut pieces, sprinkles, sugar and flakes; and
• moist streusel target depositor for high-fat streusel.



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