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Make it red!

SupraRed from Sensient Colors is a natural choice for baked goods and dry grocery products and it stays red

Three red velvet cupcakes on a white dish with extreme shallow DOF.

Sensient Colors has announced its new SupraRed natural colour technology, a response to the lack of a heat stable natural red colour for neutral pH baking and dry grocery products.

The company says SupraRed will allow manufacturers to deliver on growing consumer demand for natural colours from botanical sources “that do not sacrifice on colour brightness.”

Sensient explains in a statement that “baked goods and many dry grocery food products are typically in the 5 to 7 pH range while the heat step in the production process can further raise this level.”

That increase can cause red anthocyanin “colour sources to shift to a purple shade and beet sources turn brown when heat is applied.”


SupraRed can help by providing previously unachievable heat stability, says Sensient.

SupraRed is ideal for red velvet baked foods, cookies, crackers, cakes, tortilla chips, bright red cereals and other dry grocery products. It’s also suitable for UHT beverages and confections like licorice.

The company adds in the statement that the technology behind SupraRed does not use chemical solvents, but uses vegetable juice.

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