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Luxme launches a tubular chain conveying and cooling system

November 22, 2021   by Food in Canada staff


Luxme International launches the ThermoLuxme, a tubular chain conveyor with jacketed pipes containing cooling fluid. It conveys and cools material from 500 to 110 F, and “can save food producers expenses by eliminating the cost and floorspace required for a separate cooling stage.”

As products are cooled while they are conveyed, the processing timers are expected to be shorter than usual. Further, treated and untreated municipal water sources, or water from elsewhere within the plant, can be used as the cooling fluid.

The ThermoLuxme can convey and cool up to 1,100 cf of hot food products per hour, such as high-fat content organic powders and mixes, roasted nuts and snacks, pet food kibble and pre-cooked potato cubes/foods.

Navam Jagan, president of Luxme International, said, “With a cooling differential of 390 F while conveying product, the ThermoLuxme is designed to save food producers money and floorspace by eliminating the need for an additional cooler or chiller station. It also keeps the work area, and therefore the workforce, safe and free from dust.”



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