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Ionized air systems save money

ECKERT Machines is the Canadian distributor for Paxton Products, and offers Paxton's Ionized Air System, which saves money and is easy to use

The Niagara Falls, Ont. – In many packaged goods plants, static in the air can cause contaminants to adhere to packages (cans, bottles, trays, etc.); static can even cause packaging material flow problems.

ECKERTPaxton350x105In beverage plants, static cling can be a problem on empty cans and bottles prior to filling. In plants with flexible plastic packaging, static may cause contaminants to cling to packaging materials.


ECKERT Machines Inc. explains that ionized air has proven to be a solution. Previously, compressed air – with ionizing nozzles – was seen as the only option. Compressed air is noisy and expensive; and results were not always good.


ECKERT, which is the Canadian distributor for Paxton products, says engineers from Paxton developed a unique and innovative system which accelerates air through a high-efficiency 15,000 RPM centrifugal blower. The high-speed air passes through an ultra-clean filter and then into a manifold where the air becomes charged. The high speed, clean, ionized air exits the manifold through targeted nozzles into or onto the cans – or other product surface. The ionized air neutralizes the static charge that causes the dirt to cling. The Paxton system delivers approximately five times the ionization of compressed air systems.


The benefits of Paxton’s Ionized Air Systems are that they typically use 80% less energy than compressed air. Installation and operation is simple. Paxton also provides wash-down enclosures to protect the blower package from harsh operating environments: so maintenance is minimal. 



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