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Ingredient adds texture, stability

The Ticaloid Pro series from TIC Gums is ideal for fortified ready-to-drink protein beverages

October 27, 2014   Food in Canada


White Marsh, Md. – TIC Gums debuted its Ticaloid Pro series for fortified ready-to-drink beverage applications.

The company says the Ticaloid Pro series uses hydrocolloid systems designed for TicaloidPro210x162ultra-high temperature (UHT) processed, ready-to-drink (RTD) protein beverages.

Two Ticaloid Pro products, Ticaloid Pro 410 and Ticaloid Pro 432, can address RTD beverage development chalenges including protein stabilization and texture modification.

Ticaloid Pro 410 is designed to suspend protein and other fortifying ingredients in lower dairy-based protein systems. By increasing the viscosity and heaviness of the end product, consumers are able to experience an indulgent drink versus one commonly described as watery or gritty.


Ticaloid Pro 432 is ideal for higher dairy-based protein systems or systems with increased suspension requirements. This can allow manufacturers to achieve their suspension requirements for protein and prevent sedimentation of additional ingredients.

TIC Gums also offers new gluten-free products and a full line of TICorganic Certified Organic products.


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