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Improved anti-fog technology

Ampac has engineered an improved anti-fog technology for film used in fresh produce packaging

November 4, 2016   Food in Canada

proampac-antifog-coating-lowAmpac, a division of ProAmpac, has engineered an improved anti-fog technology for film used in fresh produce packaging. Ampac has been a longtime supplier of surface printed anti-fog OPP film with controlled perforation for vegetables. From a market need, and through the efforts of a strong technical team, Ampac developed coated films with superior anti-fog properties that help prevent condensation for heat-sealable films. Unlike other technologies, the new anti-fog coating technology has excellent seal and hot tack properties and does not impact the coefficient of friction (COF) of the films, while providing improved transparency for fresh produce.

The features and performance of the anti-fog coating works in conjunction with tailored perforations in the film to control the respiration rate of different vegetables. This creates a unique combination that is attractive to grocers requiring improved properties for produce packaging. The anti-fog coating is exceptional for bag and lidding applications and is also FDA approved for microwave applications.“Our new anti-fog technology offers improved clarity with technical advances that improve line efficiencies on form fill and seal packaging machines. The improved clarity helps drive sales of fresh produce by highlighting the freshness of the product,” says Dr. Hesam Tabatabaei, ProAmpac’s director of Research, Innovation and Technology. “We’re excited to add this new anti-fog technology to ProAmpac’s broad portfolio of innovative flexible packaging solutions.”


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