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HOSPECO intros ProWorks Ultra Thin Nitrile Gloves

August 7, 2018   Food in Canada

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CLEVELAND—Employees who work with their hands deserve protection from skin irritation, and, of no less importance, handling many products themselves such as food, electronics, pharmaceuticals, highly-engineered industrial goods call for protection from contamination caused by human touch. These coexisting needs call for a glove barrier, but most gloves greatly reduce tactile sensitivity.

Powder-free ProWorks Ultra Thin Nitrile Gloves from HOSPECO, for the first time ever, combine the superior strength and second-skin fit of nitrile with the thin-gauge barrier typically found in loose-fitting vinyl gloves.

ProWorks Ultra Thin Nitrile Gloves are ideal for food handlers and food processors and for light-industrial tasks or any job for which the wearer needs to feel their way through the task.

Representing the industry’s best-in-class sensitivity, these innovative gloves provide the protection typical of nitrile gloves, including resisting vegetable oils, motor oils, grease, and many chemicals. Nitrile is a synthetic polymer with many of the same properties as natural rubber latex, yet it is free of any latex proteins that can cause skin sensitivity and allergic reactions.


HOSPECO’s ProWorks Ultra Thin Nitrile Gloves are comparable in thickness to loose-fitting disposable vinyl gloves. But the comparison stops there. Nitrile delivers performance and durability—and even puncture resistance—that vinyl can’t. Nitrile is three times more puncture resistant than a comparable thickness of latex, thus providing dependable protection for the user.

Because of the gloves’ translucent design and light weight, it’s easy for wearers to forget they’re wearing them at all. ProWorks Ultra Thin Nitrile Gloves provide excellent fit and feel, and the beaded cuff eases donning. Textured fingertips assist with grip but don’t interfere with the superior tactile sensitivity.

ProWorks Ultra Thin Nitrile Gloves have a tensile strength of 14 MPa, and can be elongated 400% before breaking, even after aging. This flexible, resilient hand protection is just one of HOSPECO’s many ProWorks disposable hand protection solutions.

Founded in 1919, HOSPECO is a leading manufacturer of cleaning and protection products serving the “away from home” marketplace made up of foodservice, janitorial/office supply, healthcare and hospitality, sold by more than 1,200 independent distributors. Brands include Taskbrand disposable wipers, SaniWorks foodservice towels, ProWorks disposable gloves, MicroWorks microfiber towels, and Sphergo flat surface cleaning systems. For more information, phone 800-321-9832 or visit


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