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CK Ingredients' Lupini bean ingredients are label-friendly, kosher-certified, free of GMOs and suitable for gluten-free formulations

January 30, 2017   Food in Canada

Fruit & Vegetables

Toronto-based raw material supplier CK Ingredients is pleased to offer a range of European-sourced Lupini bean ingredients. Lupini beans have been consumed since ancient Roman times, and remain a popular raw food in Europe as well as Australia. CK’s Lupini bean ingredients are label-friendly, kosher-certified, free of GMOs, and suitable for gluten-free formulations. According to Health Canada, CK’s line of Lupini bean ingredients are not priority allergens.

Lupini beans, which are available from CK in flour, grit and flake formats (both conventional and organic), feature approximately 40 per cent protein and 30 per cent fibre, and contain more protein per calorie than any other plant. Lupini beans have a Glycemic Index rating of 11, which is the lowest among any common legume or grain.

Lupini bean flour has a beautiful golden colour and offers a neutral taste with very slight notes of hazelnut. It has good water binding capacity, and can be utilized as a partial fat substitute (up to 30 per cent), egg substitute, protein binder, and also provides textural improvements in baked goods. Applications include nutrition/snack bars, cookies, muffins, breads, batters/coatings, chips, crackers, flatbreads, vegan meat analogues, plant-based protein powders, pancake/waffle mixes, and more. An area of growing use for Lupini bean has been gluten-free bakery products, as well as vegan meat analogues and protein-rich baked goods.



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