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Half-fat soft cheese solution

Arla Foods Ingredients has developed Nutrilac SoftCheese, which allows dairies to produce low-fat soft ripened cheese that taste as good full-fat versions

May 26, 2015   Food in Canada


Viby J, Denmark –  Arla Foods Ingredients says its new whey protein solution can help dairies produce low-fat soft ripened cheeses that taste as good as full-fat versions.

ArlaFoodsSoftCheese200x300Nutrilac SoftCheese can make it possible to reduce fat in soft-ripened cheese by 50 per cent with no loss of creaminess.

The company says it comes as a white powder that is added to the cheese milk prior to the pasteurization stage.

Overall it won’t add extra costs to the manufacturing process because it can increase the final yield between 10 per cent and 20 per cent.


Cheese makers traditionally try to address the full-fat issue with fat substitutes, such as fibres, but these have generally been a poor replacement for fat. Whey protein, however, can behave in cheese in a similar way as fat, ensuring the product retains its creamy texture and taste.


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