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Flexicon launches new mobile sanitary bulk bag discharge

November 11, 2021   by Food in Canada staff


A new Flexicon mobile sanitary bulk bag discharger with stainless steel material contact surfaces allows discharging of contamination-sensitive bulk solid materials to downstream processes, dust-free.

Mounted on casters for in-plant mobility, the Bulk-Out BFF Series discharger frame features four adjustable extension posts to accommodate bulk bags, 36 to 84 in. tall. The removable bag-lifting frame with z-clip strap holders allows bulk bags to be attached at ground level, then forklifted into receiving cups atop the discharger frame.

The bulk bag/hopper interface comprises a manual Spout-Lock clamp ring for high-integrity bag spout connections, and a pneumatically-actuated Tele-Tube, a telescoping tube that exerts continuous downward tension on the clamp ring and bag spout as the bag empties and elongates, promoting flow and evacuation.

Additional flow is afforded by Flow-Flexer bag activators that raise and lower opposite bottom sides of the bag at timed intervals into a steep ā€œVā€ shape, promoting total discharge with no manual intervention.


The system is also offered in all-stainless construction to food, dairy, pharmaceutical and industrial standards, and in carbon steel with durable industrial coatings.


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