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Flavours and colours

Gold Coast Ingredients offers a full line of flavours and colours in a variety of consistencies for a wide range of food and beverage sectors.

Colorful candy gum on old wooden table.

Gold Coast Ingredients Inc. offers flavours and colours in a wide variety of consistencies. They include:
• organic, natural, N&A and conventional flavours
• sweet, savoury, or a combination of both
• powder or liquid
• advanced extracts
• powdered encapsulations
• oil-soluble or water-soluble
• heat-stable
• natural or synthetic colourants

And from ripe yellows and greens to vibrant red and blue hues, Gold Coast offers various colourants:
• FD&C dyes
• lake blends
• natural plant extracts
• natural fruit and vegetable extracts

The company provides flavours and colours for such industries as bakery, confectionery, dairy, pet and animal, prepared foods and snacks. Flavours come in natural, non-GMO, and clean label.

Some of the unique flavours the company offers include yuzu, salmon, pepperoncini, black truffle, brown butter, vegetarian chorizo, guanabana, horchata and sangria.


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