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Solentus North America, a subsidiary of India-based Camlin Fine Sciences, offers its line up of food ingredients and antioxidants in Canada

Oakville, Ont. – Camlin Fine Sciences is a food ingredients and antioxidants manufacturer and distributor.

The company offers its products in North America through its subsidiary called Solentus North America Inc.

Solentus provides Xtrendra Synthetic antioxidant shelf life solutions and Xtrendra Natural shelf life solutions, which can ensure a desired shelf life, safety and quality of different food products. The active antioxidants are kosher and halal certified.

There’s also Ascorbyl Palmitate food-grade antioxidant, which is a fat-soluble form of ascorbic acid or vitamin C.


There’s BHA food-grade antioxidant, which is a commonly used fat-soluble antioxidant for fats and is also used to delay the onset of rancidity and increase the shelf life of butter, meat, cereal products, chewing gum, baked foods, dehydrated potatoes and food packaging.

There’s also TBHQ food-grade antioxidant, which is a cost-effective choice for highly unsaturated vegetable oils and fats.


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