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Festo designs a pneumatic cylinder for cheese making

June 14, 2021   by Food in Canada staff


Festo has introduced an application-specific pneumatic cylinder for cheese presses.

The Festo CRD cylinder has a stainless-steel outer body, and is shaped like a bell. These cylinders are lubricated with biodegradable NSF-H1 food-safe grease that meets FDA 21 CFT 172.878 regulations.

The CRD is available in four bore sizes, with forces ranging from 3,016 N to 18,850 N at 6 bar.

To further enhance control, Festo offers the VTEM piezo operated directional valves to synchronize large banks of cylinders in automated systems.


For environments experiencing intensive cleaning, Festo also offers CRD with a dry-running seal option for optimum operation even when harsh washdowns have dissolved cylinder lubricant.


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