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Emulsifier for baked goods

SweetPro V100 is a new emulsifier from Corbion that offers baked goods manufacturers consistency

May 17, 2017   Food in Canada

Bake & Snack Food

SweetPro V100 from Corbion is a new emulsifier that can help bakers and bakeries with consistency. So consumers can expect the baked goods they purchase will taste just as good each time they purchase them.

In a statement, Corbion says SweetPro V100 also offers better performance and easier handling.

Jim Robertson, the Global Product manager, says “cakes, muffins and cupcakes made with SweetPro V100 are consistently light and airy – even reduced-fat items maintain the taste and texture today’s consumers expect.”

In addition, Robertson says in the statement, SweetPro V100 can enhance aeration and emulsion stability and improve moisture retention. The fact that bakers and manufacturers can just drop in the ingredient is another benefit and helps to minimize operational challenges.

“SweetPro V100 makes the products more tolerant so they can handle more variables without causing waste or hassle…,” says Robertson. 

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