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Easy test for tree nuts

Neogen has launched a rapid test that can detect the presence of six tree nuts in a single test in just 10 minutes after extraction

Lansing, Mich. – Neogen has developed a rapid test that can simultaneously detect the presence of six tree nuts in a single TreenutsOnBoardFreeDigital266x350test in 10 minutes after extraction.

Called Reveal for Multi-Treenut, the test detects five to 10 parts per million of almond, hazelnut, pecan, walnut, cashew and pistachio residues on environmental surfaces, as well as in rinses.

The company says the new test is simple to use and provides quick, accurate results, aiding food manufacturers in cleaning validations or verification of existing procedures to prevent cross-contamination of tree nuts within their manufacturing facilities.

Reveal for Multi-Treenut is in an easy lateral flow format. Users just dip the test’s device in an extracted sample and wait 10 minutes. If two lines develop, the test is positive for one or more of the six tree nuts. If only one line develops, the test is negative.


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