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PolyMag Additives from Eriez help safeguard against plastic contamination in food products

Erie, Pa. – Eriez PolyMag Additives impart metal detectability, X-ray contrast and magnetic susceptibility into plastic moldings to detect plastic contamination in food products.

FoodSafetyGraphicFreeDigital200x150The company says when manufacturers incorporate PolyMag Additives, they can ensure product purity and consumer safety while helping to prevent expensive product recalls.

Eriez can provide PolyMag Additives in a non-dusting pellet, which allows molders and extruders to produce metal detectable and X-ray visible plastic parts for food contact applications.

Today, major restaurant chains insist that food processors use plastic and rubber articles that are metal and X-ray detectable. This has become part of many companies’ HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) programs.


The company says PolyMag Additives are an ideal choice for cable ties, conveyor belts, ear plugs, elevator buckets, gaskets, pallets, totes, pens, markers, scoops, shovels, scraper blades, sifter cleaning balls and sliders, tags, labels and more.

PolyMag Additives are typically included at 10 to 20 per cent loadings in moldings and extrusions.

Resins containing the PolyMag Gray HSCP can be pigmented in darker colours such as blue, gray, green, red and purple. The lower cost PolyMag Black HSCP is suitable for black applications. PolyMag Beige XRD is preferred for applications that require a high level of X-ray contrast.

Molders can include both the PolyMag HSCP and XRD masterbatch additives to impart metal detectability and X-ray contrast in plastic parts.


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