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Colour it red – naturally

Frutarom has launched Bright'n Free Red Rosy, a red colour line manufacturers can use in their plant-based meat substitutes

September 8, 2017   Food in Canada

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Frutarom Natural Colors Business Unit has launched Bright’n Free Red Rosy.

In a statement the company says the new product is a clean-label, all-natural red colour range for plant-based meat substitutes.

As the meat alternatives market grows, manufacturers are looking for ways to mimic the flavour, texture and also the colour of meat products.

Bright’n Free Red Rosy is plant-sourced, allergen-free, E-number free, and is ideal for vegan/vegetarian meat analogue applications, says Frutarom.


The colour line is also “highly heat stable and so uniquely suitable for items such as grilled, raw-cured and par-cooked vegetarian sausages and other foods undergoing a long cooking process,” says Frutarom in the statement.

Bright’n Free Red Rosy is made from natural vegetable sources, so it offers the option of clean-label marketing. It is kosher-certified and available in a palm-free form. “There is no selective extraction; the ingredient is a simple concentration of squeezed plant juices rich in the natural antioxidant pigment anthocyanin,” says Frutarom.


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