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Cheers to wine-beer combinations

Comax Flavors has created a non-alcoholic Wine-Beer flavour collection

May 27, 2014   Food in Canada

Food Trends

Melville, N.Y. – Hybrid beverages are on trend and instead of making consumers choose between beer or wine, Comax Flavors has created the non-alcoholic “Wine-Beer” flavour collection.

The company says brewers and enologists alike look for unique flavour combinations and are experimenting with a variety of ingredients borrowed from each other.

Comax’s new collection features Muscat Grape, Madeira Wine, and Muscato Wine flavours crafted specifically for beer.

The company says it is “combining well-accepted wine flavour profiles to create a unique beer drinking experience.”


For consumers who prefer a non-wine flavour, Comax offers a wide range of eclectic flavors for beer.

Cardamom and Sweet Cinnamon flavours add a hint of spice while Hickory Smoke and Black Walnut flavours create nutty nuances.


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