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Better texture and taste in baked goods

Kerry, The Taste & Nutrition Company offers Biobake enzymes and the Myvatex range of emulsifiers and texturants - both of which give baked goods and other food products better mouthfeel, volume and freshness

assorted pastry and bread

Kerry, The Taste & Nutrition Company offers food processors ingredients that meet nutritional and taste needs of consumers around the world.

One of Kerry’s products is its enzymes, which it produces through fermentation of its own proprietary yeast, bacterial or fungal strains. Kerry’s portfolio of specialty enzymes can be used in bakery, beverages, confectionery, dairy and meat.

For the bakery market, there’s Biobake, which offer benefits for breads and rolls, wafers, cakes, doughnuts, cookies and crackers.

Biobake is ideal for chemically leavened products, yeast raised products, to aid gluten development, to replace additive functionality, and to optimise volume, texture and fresh keeping.


Kerry also offers a range of emulsifiers and texturants, which provide texture, and improve mouthfeel, shelf life and freshness.

One such product is the Myvatex range, which has been designed for bakery, breads and cakes; and margarines, shortenings, peanut butter and other spreads.

Myvatex can improve aeration, tolerance, spread-ability and anti-spattering.


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