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Add heat, the exotic or a touch of intensity with chili blends

Sensient Natural Ingredients has launched a new Chili Blends collection to help customers stay on trend and add pizzazz

Turlock, Calif. — Sensient Natural Ingredients has launched a new Chili Blends collection.

The collection includes seven authentic dry chili blends inspired by the flavours of Latin America, India, Morocco, Thailand and the U.S.

The Chili Blends Collection includes:

• Red Sriracha Blend: A distinct garlic-and-heat flavor to match the profile of the on-trend tableside condiment.


Indian Curry Blend: A delicate, sweet-savory balance recreating the taste of authentic curry dishes and lending an exotic flavor to South Asian-inspired dishes.

Thai Arbol Chile Blend: Incorporates the vibrant, complex flavors of Thai cuisines, from bright lime to fiery arbol chile.

Moroccan Harissa Blend: Inspired by the cuisine of North Africa, Moroccan Harissa Blend delivers deep, intense heat courtesy of arbol, ancho and guajillo chiles.

Spicy Buffalo Blend: Replicates the distinct spicy, buttery flavour of traditional buffalo wing sauce, with a flavour that appeals beyond the   bar and grill.

• Pickled Jalapeno Blend: Recreates the mouth-watering flavor of the vinegar-y, tangy pepper rings found on snacks from nachos to pizza to sandwiches.

All-American Hot Sauce Blend: Packs the punch of America’s best-selling hot sauce with a ferment-y, spicy flavour.

Formulated to help manufacturers deliver bold flavours with complex heat, the Chili Blends collection works well in a variety of applications, such as soup and dip mixes, dry sauce applications, side dishes and meal makers, dressings, condiments and seasonings on all types of snack foods.


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