Food In Canada

A bouquet of flours

Grain Millers Inc. offers a variety of grain, dairy, specialty ingredients, both conventional and organic

Oat flakes, seeds and bran in spoons

Grain Millers Inc. manufactures conventional and organic whole grain ingredients.

The company offer Whole Oat Flour, which is created by grinding kilned groats and retaining the bran layers fully intact. The Whole Oat Flour can be used in many baking applications. The company can customize the particle size to meet specific functions.

The company also offers Low Bran Oat Flour, which is debranned and has most of the bran layers removed. It is lighter in colour and lower in protein and often used in ready-to-eat cereals and extruded products.

There’s also Whole Oat Groats, which are the product of cleaning and dehulling oats and kilning the resulting groats. These are the basic raw material for stable oat-based products from oat flour to instant oats.


The company also offers a range of grain products, and dairy products such as cream, cheese, buttermilk powder, whole milk powder, sweet dairy whet and many more. And it has specialty product lineup including soybeans, natural sweeteners, industrial alcohol, flax, pulses and mustard.



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