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3D Inspection of fruits and vegetables

January 17, 2019   by Food in Canada staff

Food Safety
Fruit & Vegetables

EyeVision 3D in combination with different 3D sensor, such as Automation Technology or Wenglor MEL, is especially suitable for the inspection of fruits and vegetables.

The software from EVT Eye Vision Technology GmbH can generate a point cloud out of the 3D scan and detect flaws in the pattern, texture or on the surface, almost like a pattern match tool.

For this task the user can choose between a large number of commands such as 3D object detection, several 3D filters or 3D probes. With the graphical user interface and the drag-and-drop function the programming of inspection programs according to the needs of the customer is easily obtained.

Also the shape and size of brussels sprouts as many sorts of fruits and vegetables do not always live up to the expectations of the super markets. On one hand, the harvesting system can make sure with the help of image processing that only those crops are harvested correlating with market criteria—there’s no need to sort the crop afterwards.


On the other hand, it will still take some time until every grower is equipped with such harvesting robots. This means that it is still necessary to sort the good from the bad fruits and vegetables on a conveyor belt. EyeVision 3D can be applied to both solutions.

In addition, combinations with 2D applications are also possible. For example the EyeVision 3D commands inspect the shape and size of the brussels sprouts, while the ColorControl commands check the colour of the vegetable.

This happens so fast that it will easily work with any conveyor belt or sorting machine. Therefore a consistent inspection is guaranteed.

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