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Plant-based cooking oil filtering solution launches in Canada

August 2, 2022   by Food in Canada Staff

Business Operations

FreshFry, the makers of plant-powered pods that extend the life of cooking oil, expand its signature FreshFry Pods to international markets. This step was made possible by Sysco, which chose Sysco Classic Fry Oil Filter Pods (known widely as FreshFry Pods) as a flagship for innovation. The expansion plan will implement Sysco Classic Fry Oil Filter Pods in restaurants, commercial kitchens and more across 10 countries worldwide.  

 This initiative is the first-of-its-kind at Sysco and was selected by an innovation council representing a dozen countries. The three-phased launch begins with Sysco’s businesses in the Bahamas, Panama, Canada (re-launch following an initial launch in January), as well as International Food Group, Sysco’s export business, which will ship to South America. In the following months, Sysco will distribute pods to Ireland, France, Sweden, Mexico, Costa Rica, and the U.K. via Brakes. Operators should place orders through their local Sysco representative or online at

 “The Sysco Classic Frying Pod provides solutions to help commercial kitchens address inflation and supply challenges in the global edible oil market,” said Collin Williams, director of international merchandising, Sysco. “Sysco is proud to support the growth of this plant-based technology that helps to mitigate waste, while also saving operators time, money, and labour.”



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