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Antares Vision Group presents a single machine with an array of inspection controls

April 27, 2022   by Food in Canada staff


Antares Vision Group introduces “All-in-One”, a series of inspection machines with wide-ranging technologies dedicated to the food industry.

The All-in-One series combines multiple inspection controls into single machines to meet different quality requirements, such as regulatory compliance; container integrity; detecting micro leaks and contaminants; weight control; and verifying labelling and other information (e.g. expiration date, lot code). It balances the need for multiple in-line controls with space optimization and production organization.

“All-in-One is a revolutionary approach to in-line quality control in food,” said Matteo Bandini, food and packaging director, Antares Vision Group Food. “Now, a single machine contains all the quality controls necessary to satisfy the safety and quality demands of all supply chain stakeholders, from production and distribution to the end-user. From now on, our customers will only have to think about which inspections they need to ensure quality and safety for the consumer — not how many machines they have to buy. Antares Vision Group’s All-in-One series does everything”.



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