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Mettler-Toledo launches new x-ray inspection system

March 30, 2022   by Food in Canada staff


Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection releases the X34C, a new x-ray inspection system that is designed specifically for the detection of contaminants in small, individual packaged products at high-speed.

The X34C x-ray inspection system is based on three key design principles of compactness, high-speed and precision. The system has a footprint of just 700 mm in length, which includes an integrated reject. The X34C can operate at 120 metres per minute. The optimized focal distance of the 0.4 mm diode detector and 100W Optimum Power Generator maximizes the probability of detecting small contaminants and helps to reduce the false reject rate.

“We are expecting that manufacturers of small confectionery products and snacks will love the high-speed inspection that the compact X34C gives them, as improved detection sensitivity allows the technology to inspect and reject single bars at fast speeds straight after they exit the flow-wrapper. This not only reduces waste, but also enables the manufacturer to maintain high levels of productivity at this critical point of the production line,” said Mike Pipe, head of global sales and product management, Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection.



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