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AFC introduces mobile, automated powder dispensing system

August 17, 2021   by Food in Canada staff


Process equipment manufacturer Automated Flexible Conveyor (AFC), Clifton, N.J., has launched a mobile version of its Batch-Weigh automated powder dispensing system.

Offered as an option, the mobile Batch-Weigh system was developed to enable powder processors to safely and easily roll the screw conveying system from one tank, vessel, mixer, hopper, or other location to another, or from one processing line to another, without investing in multiple powder conveying systems. The clever conveyor may be used to automatically transfer, weigh and dispense precise amounts of powders, pellets, flakes and other bulk materials, and then quickly cleaned and rolled to the next location.

Suitable for movement and operation in any sanitary, hazardous and non-hazardous production environment, the mobile Batch-Weigh system sets the company’s fully automated weighing and batching system on a rugged, steel frame atop non-marking casters. The self-contained powder conveyor integrates the company’s screw conveyor with companion in-feed hopper, weigh hopper, load cells, pneumatic slide gate, proprietary drive, and PLC-based controls.



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