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The Future of Private Label Webinar—April 20, 2021

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It is clear that consumer trends have shifted strikingly over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic to date. In terms of private labeling, these shifts have brought a whole new cohort of consumers into the private-label space, with their preferences spread across a spectrum of discernible differences in behavior that can greatly impact the decisions made by food and beverage developers. To help in navigating the latest developments, an informative educational webinar—entitled The Future of Private Label—to be held on April 20 will delve into the exceptional changes being witnessed across the food and beverage landscape.

According to co-presenter Sarah Miller, Marketing Insights Manager, Kerry North America, “COVID-19 has been a significant force affecting both consumer attitudes and food and beverage buying patterns over the past year, and this has been reflected in the expansion of private labeling in exciting new directions.” Applying Kerry’s most recent proprietary research conducted on 1,460 private-label consumers, the mandate of this targeted, hourlong webinar will be to provide answers to the compelling questions that most concern those involved in developing and marketing private-label products.

Based on the latest Kerry research and Nielsen insights


For instance, how has consumer spending shifted as a result of COVID-19? What’s driving consumer interest in store brands, and how will these changes impact private labeling in the post-COVID era? Where have private labels been successful and where have they run into trouble? What lessons have been learned over the last year and what guidance do these provide for decisionmakers in terms of innovating in the private-label arena? Presented by Kerry in collaboration with Nielsen, a leading global marketing research firm, a group of leading marketing experts—Sarah Miller, Courtney Schumacher, and Nielsen’s retail expert Kara Sheesley—will present important new insights into consumers’ private-label purchase drivers as they address all of these vital areas. Miller adds: “The Future of Private Label webinar will provide indispensable insights into emerging consumer shopping behaviors and discuss how these new developments are impacting the private-label category.”

Scheduled for Tuesday, April 20, 2021 at 1pm CST, the webinar’s focus will be on delivering research on consumer expectations and purchase priorities for private-label food and beverage products. Attendees will learn about the impact of COVID-19 on private-label activities and consumer perceptions and receive information about the relevance of private-label brands across all food and beverage categories. Prioritized by product category and retailer attributes, the event will also examine what’s really driving category growth, as well as new emerging opportunities in the areas of snacks, meals and sides, dairy, meat and plant-based, baked goods, beverages, teas and coffees, alcohol and others.

The webinar’s agenda includes an insightful overview from Nielsen on the shifts seen during the pandemic that have enticed so many new consumers into the private-label space. Kerry’s new research will highlight the spectrum of private-label consumers and elaborate on two key consumer types described as “Practical Traditionalists” and “Adventure Seekers.” The key attributes that are expanding private labeling will also be analyzed, as well as category opportunities for innovation around important market drivers, with all factors presented along an adoption curve. Underpinning the range of topics are the four critical key themes related to positioning private-label brands for success with today’s busy and discerning consumers. The webinar will wrap up with a stimulating Q&A period.

Commenting on Kerry’s role in private label product development, Courtney Schumacher, Marketing Manager at Kerry noted: “Kerry is a complete partner in the private-label space, providing tailored market and consumer insights alongside our taste and nutrition portfolio, as well as expertise that facilitates the creation of the great-tasting, on-trend food and beverages consumers love. In The Future of Private Label, we’ll examine how private-label manufacturers and retailers can optimize and innovate to drive growth, capturing consumer interest through three key market drivers: plant-based, added functionality, and flavor innovation.”

Registration for Kerry’s The Future of Private Label webinar can be accessed here.

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