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Superfruit Spreads is a new line of organic jam from Parry Sound, Ont.-based Crofter’s Food Ltd. The jams are available in four varieties: North America, featuring wild blueberries and cranberries from Quebec; South America, a blend of maqui berries and passion fruit; Asia, a blend of yumberries and raspberries; and Europe, which features pomegranates and black currants. Each 260-mL jar contains one pound of premium organic fruits, and is sweetened with IBD EcoSocial-certified fair trade sugar. According to the company, the spreads also contain more antioxidants and 40 per cent fewer calories per serving than standardized jams. The Superfruit Spreads sell for a suggested retail price of $5.49.

Female, 40-something
“I tried the Europe spread on whole grain toast, and loved it from the first bite. It was so juicy and flavourful. I usually think jam is too sweet, but this was a perfect balance of fresh, delicious berries, without added sweetness. I also tried the North America spread. Also wonderful! Very fresh, with a true blueberry flavour. These are probably the best jams I’ve ever tasted. The price is a bit steep for me, but considering they are also organic, probably well worth it.”

Female, 9
“(Europe) This jam is great! It makes me think of picking berries and just eating them!”


Male, 47
“The North America spread was very fruity and delicious on toast. It tastes very fresh, but it’s expensive.”

Female, 30-something
“I tried the Europe flavour, with pomegranate and black currants. It was delicious – very fruity, with a crispy flavour and not too sweet. I love that there’s real fruit inside.”

Female, 36
“The North America jam spread thick on the toast, with lots of real blueberries. The flavour was intense – you can tell it’s real fruit instead of just jelly or jam. I love the packaging colour and image, and the fact that it’s organic.”

Female, 30-something
“I tried the North America wild blueberries and cranberries. I love the packaging and colours, and the way the flavours are divided by continent. It makes me feel as if I’m getting a taste of something exotic and new. It also makes me feel that I’m getting a good share of antioxidants. When you open the jar there’s a delicate scent of fruit – nothing overly sweet smelling and processed. It’s also chunky with the blueberries and cranberries and cherries that the jar says it contains. It feels like I’m eating fruit. It’s not sweet like some spreads can be and it leaves a nice taste in your mouth afterward. We also tried the blend of maqui berry and passionfruit – the South America spread. My son, who’s 3, also loved them both. And as a mom I don’t feel guilty letting him enjoy them.”

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