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Taste Testing: Sweetpea Baby Food’s Organic Cookies.

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Sweetpea Baby Food Organic Cookies

New Organic Cookies from Toronto-based Sweetpea Baby Food are made from 100-per-cent whole grain organic ingredients, with no dairy, eggs, salt, preservatives or additives. The kosher-certified treats are packaged in resealable 150-g bags, and come in three flavours: Banana Pear, Pumpkin Spice and Sweet Apple. Although they are designed for babies and toddlers, according to Sweetpea Baby Food, the cookies make an ideal family snack, “for kids from one to 101.” Here’s what our tasting panel had to say:

Female, 30-something, medical technician
Pumpkin Spice. “The scent from the bag is very homey. But from an individual cookie, I don’t smell any spice at all. Maybe for kids that works best. I can smell the pumpkin. I can also taste the spice and pumpkin but they’re very subtle. They have a nice rich-looking colour and they’re dense for a thin cookie. I really like the texture. But I do prefer spice with a bit more bite.”


Male, 3
Pumpkin Spice. “I wasn’t sure what my three-year-old son would think of this flavour, but he loved it. His reaction? ‘Yummy!’ When I asked him what he thought of the cookie he said ‘it smells like chocolate (one of his very favourite foods).’ So that’s definitely a two thumbs up.” Banana Pear. “My son liked these as well. He used the hole in the middle to rest the cookie on his finger and munched on it that way. He said these ‘taste like strawberries (another of his very favourite foods).’ And that’s a ringing endorsement as well.”

Female, 30-something, teacher
Banana Pear. “Mmm…open the bag and it smells like fresh baked banana bread. The scent is very enticing. As a mom I really liked the Nutrition Facts Tables on these cookies, though I wish they had more fibre. And the size of the cookies is very smart. They’re shaped like little flowers or stars with holes in the middle – easy for little hands to hold. I love that the individual cookies smell of what they’re made from. The scent is yummy and hearty. And you taste the fruit in them too. They’re dense, but not too sweet. And I love the texture, just the right amount of crumbly to them. I’d buy these for my son – and maybe myself.”

Female, 12
Pumpkin Spice, Banana Pear. “Both of these were great! Really original, compared to the usual kids cookies. Really tasty. I liked them a lot.”

Female, 40-something, dental hygienist
Pumpkin Spice, Banana Pear. “I like the packaging, both the colourful design and the fact that the bag is resealable and easy to take along. They’re also not as full of fat, empty calories and preservatives as other cookies, so I’d buy these for my kids. I was a bit disappointed with the taste of the Pumpkin Spice – I guess I was expecting more spiciness, but it’s understandable since they are aimed at toddlers. The Banana Pear is delicious though, mild but still very flavourful. The shape is cute and would be the perfect size and shape for kids to hold. The only thing that would stop me from dipping into these for a snack would be the texture – they’re a bit too grainy tasting for me.”

Female, 10
Banana Pear. “These are good. I like the shape and the hole in the middle. I could eat a lot of these.”

Female, 30-something, art director
Pumpkin Spice. “I really liked these cookies! I liked the grainy texture and the crunchiness. They taste very healthy and wholesome. I might buy these for myself just because of the taste!”

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