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Survey shows Canadians do read the labels

By Bridget Duggan   

Food Trends Survey

New survey shows gender divide in label reading

Toronto, Ont. – Weston Bakeries Limited, the maker of WONDER bread, recently conducted a survey on the importance of food labels for Canadians.

The study showed that 69 per cent of survey respondents read labels when making buying decisions on food products. Of these survey respondents, 80 per cent of people who use food labels are women, while only 71 per cent are men.

“I’m really seeing an increased interest from my clients in learning to properly read food labels, and women are definitely leading the pack,” says Lynn Weaver, dietitian and nutrition expert. “It’s important that we make informed decisions about our food, and its really nice to see products like WONDER bread moving to more simplified ingredients that are free of artificial preservatives, artificial colours and artificial flavours.”


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