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Quebec’s plan for a new era of bioalimentaire

The government of Quebec launched Politique bioalimentaire 2018-2025, a policy that will see $5 billion invested into the province's agri-food sector

April 19, 2018   Food in Canada

Montreal – The province of Quebec unveiled its Politique bioalimentaire 2018-2025, Fueling Our World in April, which will see investments of $5 billion over five years in the province’s food industry.

Bioalimentaire refers to all food-related industries such as agriculture, aquaculture, food processing, fisheries, food distribution and foodservice.

The goal of the policy is “to better meet consumer expectations while better supporting entrepreneurs and organizations working in this sector,” says the Quebec government.

There are seven targets for the future of the biofood sector and they include:

  • increasing Quebec’s international biofood exports by $6 billion;
  • increasing sales of biofood products made in the province by $10 billion;
  • increasing the share of Quebec agricultural and food processing companies that have implemented responsible business practices;
  • doubling the area under organic production;
  • increasing from 52 per cent to 70 per cent the share of volumes of Quebec eco-certified aquatic products; and
  • improving the nutritional value of processed foods in Quebec.

For more on the policy, click here.

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