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Food in Canada's latest roundup of new consumer products

Decadent Ice Cream
Magnum is an international super-premium ice cream bar line from Unilever that will be available in Canada as of May 2011. Featuring Belgian chocolate coating silky vanilla bean ice cream, the line includes six varieties: Magnum Classic, Almond, White, Dark, Double Chocolate and Double Caramel. A box of three ice cream bars will sell for a suggested retail price of $6.99, while single bars will retail for $3.99.

Meatless Burger
The Ultimate Beefless Burger from Gardein Protein International has the taste and texture of a meat hamburger but with a healthier nutrition profile. The burger has 130 calories, 65-per-cent less fat than a hamburger, and is cholesterol and saturated fat free. It is made from vegetables, grains and plant-based proteins, and each patty features 17 g of protein, six grams of carbohydrates, two grams of fibre, five grams of fat and 280 g of sodium. A 12-oz pack of four patties sells for a suggested retail price of $4.99.

Hot Sauce
GraceKennedy (Ontario) Inc. has introduced a line of four new hot pepper sauces with the authentic taste of the Caribbean. The line is available in 140-mL bottles, and includes: Sweet n’ Spicy Hot Pepper Sauce; Green Scotch Bonnet Hot Pepper Sauce; Jerk Hot Pepper Sauce; and Jamaican Red Hot Pepper Sauce. The versatile new line is perfect with meat, poultry, fish and just about anything needing spicing up.

Summer Beer
Muskoka Brewery has launched a special seasonal beer called Muskoka Summer Weiss. At five per cent alcohol by volume, the wheat beer is unfiltered and naturally hazy. It offers a perfect balance of wheat, barley and hops that create an aromatic, flavourful summer beer with a bready taste and bananas and clove aroma. Summer Weiss is available in a 750-mL bottle for a limited time at Liquor Control Board of Ontario stores and at the Beer Store.


Non-Dairy Milk
Flaxmilk from Flax USA is an all-natural, dairy-free beverage. The low-calorie flax beverage is lactose, gluten and soy free, and is an excellent source of omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9. It also contains as much calcium as dairy milk. Flaxmilk is available in Original and Vanilla flavours.

Spicy Recipes
McCormick Canada’s innovative Club House Recipe Inspirations line of spices and recipes are ideal for busy families looking for budget-conscious home meal ideas. The line includes six easy-to-prepare recipes each with six pre-measured herbs and spices to use in the meal. There are at least one lesser-known spice and one Super Spice (rich in antioxidants and other nutrients) in each of the packs. Recipes include Rosemary Roasted Chicken and Potatoes; Mexican Lasagna; Asian Sesame Salmon; Garlic Lime Chicken Fajitas; Pasta Primavera; and Cran-Apple and Sage Pork Chops. Each of the packs sells for a suggested retail price of $1.99.

Healthy Snack
From Farm to Table – Canada’s new kettle corn features Meg-3 brand omega-3 EPA/DHA ingredients from Ocean Nutrition Canada Ltd. Made from natural whole grain corn and dusted with natural cane sugar and sea salt, the snack is free of GMOs, gluten, trans fats, artificial colours or flavours.

Deli Choices
Maple Leaf has added five new deli meat varieties to its Natural Selections line: hardwood smoked salami and baked honey ham in pre-sliced packages, and oven-roasted chicken, baked ham and roast beef at the deli counter. Like all of its Natural Selections line, the new meat varieties are made of the finest cuts of meat, have no preservatives or nitrites added, and have no fillers or artificial flavours.

Yogurt Drink
Danone Inc.’s Danacol, a drinkable yogurt enriched with plant sterols, is now available in Canada. Designed to help reduce cholesterol, Danacol comes in five flavours – blueberry, raspberry-cranberry, red fruits, pineapple and vanilla – and contains no added sugar, trans fats or saturated fat. The yogurt drink has just 35 calories per serving, and is a source of calcium and vitamin B12, vitamin A and vitamin D.

Convenient Chicken
New from Janes Family Foods are FlatJacks, precooked single-serve chicken snacks made with all-white meat chicken breast that heat in the toaster. The fully cooked snacks are low in saturated fats, contain no trans fats and are quick and easy to make. FlatJacks are available in 560-g boxes of eight pieces.

Tasty Fries
Superfries Homestyle Red Skin Wedges and Fries are the newest varieties of Superfries from the McCain Group of Companies. The wedges and straight-cut fries are made from Canadian red-skinned potatoes with sea salt and 100-per-cent canola oil, and contain no artificial colours or flavours. Red skinned potatoes are lower in starch, have a unique slightly sweet taste and are creamy, smooth and moist inside when cooked.

Vodka Cooler
Bassano Hard Soda from Aquilini Investment Group is a combination of premium vodka, sparkling spring water and natural flavours. Inspired by classic Italian soda of the 1920s prohibition era, the alcoholic cooler is less sweet and has a lower carbonation than similar beverages on the market. The beverage is available in two flavours: Lemon Sanguinelli, and Raspberry Pomelo.

Convenient Meal
Summer Fresh Salad’s Meal to Go! is a fresh, refrigerated product featuring trail mix, flatbreads and different varieties of hummus (either roasted garlic hummus, red pepper hummus or original hummus) and grain salad (either taboulah, couscous or seven-grain salad). The nutritious meals are convenient, have minimal packaging and are designed for consumers on the go.

Tea Break
Lipton’s tasty new varieties of green tea make fitting healthy green tea into your day easier. The new varieties include: Superfruit Black Currant & Vanilla Green Tea; Orange, Passionfruit & Jasmine Green Tea; Lemon Ginseng Green Tea; and Decaffeinated Green Tea. The latter tea is available in boxes of 72 teabags, selling for a suggested retail price of between $5.99 and $6.49, while other new varieties are available in packs of 20 teabags, selling for a suggested price of $2.99 to $3.49.

Healthy Ham
Country Naturals Smoked Uncured Ham from Schneiders is a high-quality ham containing only natural ingredients: ham, water, sea salt, vinegar, lemon juice concentrate, cane sugar, cultured celery extract, spice and smoke. It is also free of added preservatives, nitrites and artificial ingredients, and is the first ham in Canada approved by Health Canada to carry the “natural” claim. The 700-g ham sells for a suggested retail price of $9.99.

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