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A sampling of the latest new consumer products includes deli meats with added fibre, Greek yogurt dips, coconut water, almond beverages, cracker chips and much more

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Deli meats with fibre
Now consumers can find some fibre in their deli meats. Olymel has launched Smart Nature, a line of deli meats that includes protein and fibre and that comes in packaging that simplifies choice for consumers. The company says the deli meats are made using the finest quality meat. Smart Nature products offer two grams of fibre per serving, which represents five to eight per cent of the daily recommended intake, making it the product with the highest fibre content in its category. The Smart Nature line also has a list of simple, easily identifiable ingredients and is available in several varieties, such as shaved ham, chicken and turkey. The line also comes in various flavours such as cooked, smoked, Black Forest, etc. Olymel’s Smart Nature are available at most supermarkets, pre-packaged at the self-serve counter and with two varieties of ham at the deli counter. The suggested retail price varies between $3.99 to $4.59 for shaved ham and $4.99 to $5.39 for shaved poultry.

Greek yogurt dips
With sales of Greek yogurt up more than 857 per cent in Canada, Summer Fresh Salads is getting in on the market with a twist. The company has launched new Greek Yogurt Dips in grocery stores across Canada. The dips come in four flavours: Crumbled Feta, Cucumber & Garlic, Artichoke & Asiago, and Jalapeño. The dips are low in fat and calories and high in protein. They can also be used for more than just dipping. The company suggests using them as marinades for chicken and fish, as spreads in sandwiches, or as a spread for bagels and toast. All four flavours are made with real Greek yogurt. The Crumbled Feta includes hand-crumbled feta cheese and can be used in omelets. The Cucumber & Garlic includes hand-chopped cucumber and real minced garlic and can be used for souvlaki. The Artichoke & Asiago comes with tangy Asiago cheese and real artichoke. The Jalapeño features chunks of real jalapeño peppers.

Pure coconut water
O.N.E. Coconut Water is taking advantage of coconut water’s popularity and consumers’ interest in it as post-workout drink. The company launched a coconut water beverage in May in Starbucks locations in Ontario and B.C. The drink contains only one ingredient – water from inside a young, green coconut, and is available in 330-mL and 1L TetraPaks. It is not made from concentrate and has no added sugars or flavours. The company says coconut water is rich in potassium and electrolytes and contains 45 calories per 240-mL serving.

Manitoba has Steam Whistle
Consumers in Manitoba can now get their hands on Steam Whistle. Steam Whistle Brewing has launched its Premium Pilsner in 500 mL cans in the province in time for summer. The award-winning Pilsner is available in six Winnipeg licensees. The 500-mL cans are also widely available throughout Winnipeg in MLCC Liquor Marts, and in Bird’s Nest, Dugald, Gimili, Brandon, Lac Du Bonet and Dauphin.

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Dairy beverages
Nutrinor, an agrifood cooperative in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, Que., is introducing its new Laura Secord Chocolate Milk and Dark Chocolate Milk in Ontario early next year. The company says the beverages are both made with real cocoa and target adult consumers. They carry the Laura Secord seal of quality, are practical travel snacks and are made with 100 per cent Canadian milk. Both milks come in 450-mL re-sealable containers. The Dark Chocolate Milk also does not contain any artificial flavours or dyes.

Later this year in Quebec the company is also launching Nutrinor Lactose-free Le Complait 2%, and Le Complait 2% with Calcium, Omega-3, probiotics and prebiotics. Both beverages come in one-litre cartons with caps and two-litre cartons with caps.

Direct trade coffee
Reunion Island Coffee
has introduced its latest direct trade coffee – Direct Trade Tanzania Ngoro Ngoro. This new coffee is harvested from Tanzania’s Rainforest Alliance Certified Shangri-La Estate, which is perched on the outer slopes of the Ngorongoro Crater, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. At 1,700 metres above sea level, the unique setting offers ideal natural conditions for coffee trees, some of which are more than 90 years old. Reunion Island is roasting this new coffee to a light colour, highlighting its bright, strawberry-sweet character and developing its underlying caramel notes. Each purchase supports the Shangri-La Education Foundation and helps to fund improvement to schools in the community.

Scallops and bacon
Clearwater Seafoods Incorporated has rolled out Wild Scallops Wrapped in Bacon to major retailers and its foodservice customers in North America. The scallops are MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) certified Canadian Sea Scallops and are wrapped in naturally smoked bacon. The scallops are frozen-at-sea within an hour of harvesting, and are oven-ready for hassle-free preparation. The bacon is also thinly sliced to cook faster so it won’t jeopardize the scallops’ integrity. The scallops come in a 340-g retail pack, with a six-ounce retail pack coming soon.

Personalized beverage
Kraft Canada has announced two product innovations. The first is MiO Liquid Water Enhancer, which targets millennials who feel the need to personalize and customize wherever they can. MiO is a concentrated liquid water enhancer that allows consumers to squirt a little or a lot and transform their water according to their personal taste every time. MiO can make up to 24, 250-mL drinks, is available in four flavours, offers zero calories per 2-mL serving and is sugar-free.
Breakfast biscuit
The other product from Kraft is called belVita Breakfast Biscuit. Kraft says it’s designed to be a part of a complete breakfast, offering a new option consumers’ morning meal. The biscuit is baked with whole grains, is a source of fibre, made with real fruit and has no artificial colours or sweeteners. The launch will feature two soft-baked varieties – which are only available in Canada – Banana Oatmeal and Chocolate Cranberry Orange, and two crunchy varieties, Blueberry and Oatmeal Crunch.

Iced T brew
Molson Coors Brewing Company has launched Coors Light Iced T, which promises Canadian beer drinkers a light and lively brew. The drink includes the sweet maltiness of Coors Light with a blend of natural tea and lemon flavours. Coors Light Iced T is brewed in the same way as Coors Light with premium two-row malted barley, Coors’ own lager yeast and choice hops. The iced tea flavour comes from a blend of tea botanicals and natural lemon, which are added during the filtration process.

Cracker chips
New from Kellogg’s are Special K Cracker Chips. The company says they’re a great way to satisfy cravings for something savoury but without the guilt since 18 chips equal only 80 calories. The crunchy Cracker Chips come in three flavours: Original, Cheddar, and Sour Cream & Onion.  The crackers are a blend of potato and rice and are lightly seasoned. They are trans-fat free, low in saturated fat and have no artificial flavours or colours. The crackers come in a 113-g package and retail for $2.99.

Dry apple cider
Consumers in B.C. got to have it last year. And now consumers in Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario get to enjoy Dukes Dry Apple Cider from Tree Brewing Co. Made with apples from Kelowna, B.C., Dukes is a clean and refreshing beverage with a subtle apple flavour and a dry finish. Dukes Dry Apple Cider is available in a six-pack can format and is available at government and private liquor stores in B.C. It will also now be coming to liquor stores in Alberta, MLCC stores in Manitoba, and LCBO locations in Ontario.

Sour cherry stout
The Amsterdam Brewing Company and winemaker Flat Rock Cellars have teamed up to create a new beer called Sour Cherry Imperial Stout. The unique partnership came about when Amsterdam brewer Iain Mcoustra visited Flat Rock Cellars to pick up pinot noir and chardonnay barrels for Amsterdam’s barrel and sour program. As it turns out, Flat Rock’s head winemaker was a former brewer and enthusiastic to brew on Amsterdam’s pilot brewing system. The new beer is brewed to 8.5 per cent and uses roasted and chocolate malt to balance the acidity of the sour cherries. It launched during Ontario Craft Beer Week in June.

Fruit snack
Welch’s has launched Welch’s Fruit Snacks, which are made with real fruit and real fruit juices. The fruit snacks are fat-free, gluten-free and contain no preservatives. The snacks provide 100 per cent of the recommended daily value of vitamin C and 25 per cent of vitamins A and E. They’re available in a new 1.75-oz single-serve pouch. The varieties include: Mixed Fruit (strawberry, raspberry, orange, Concord grape and peach); Berries ‘N Cherries (strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, blackberry and cherry); Tangy Fruits (tangerine, lemon, pink grapefruit, cran-grape, cherry and green apple); Island Fruits (strawberry-banana, tropical punch, pink grapefruit, guava-kiwi, mango and pomegranate-passion fruit); Fruit Punch, Strawberry, Concord Grape, White Grape Raspberry, and White Grape Peach. The Welch’s Fruit Snacks Reduced Sugar (35 per cent less sugar) come in Strawberry, Raspberry, Orange, Concord Grape and Peach.

Mojito beer
Budweiser has launched Bud Light Lime Mojito across Canada. The drink is a light bodied beer that is pleasantly sweet with a subtle flavour of lime and fresh mint, reminiscent of a traditional Mojito. The company says Canadians are experimenting with flavoured beer, looking for variety and gravitating to a sweeter palette. Bud Light Lime Mojito pairs nicely with spicier flavoured foods. It’s available in Canada only and can be found at retail locations across the country in six- and 12-pack bottles, six- and 12-pack cans and 473-mL cans in Ontario.

Almond beverages
Earth’s Own Food Company Inc. has launched new almond beverages, Almond Fresh Coconut and earthsown Almond shelf-stable beverages. Almond Fresh Coconut is made with real almonds and coconut to create a nutty and sweet-flavoured beverage. It is cholesterol-, dairy-, lactose-, wheat- and gluten-free. It’s also fortified with calcium and vitamins A and D, high in vitamin B12 and a source of vitamin E. It’s also 90 calories per cup. It’s available in the refrigerated case at major food retailers and health food stores across Canada at a suggested retail price of $4.29 per 1.89-L carton.
The company says earthsown Almond was developed for people on the go. It’s available in 250-mL single-serve size packs. The beverage is fortified with nine essential vitamins and minerals and is a good source of vitamin B12, vitamin D, vitamin E and calcium. It’s also made with real almonds and all-natural ingredients. It is also gluten-, dairy- and cholesterol-free. Earthsown is available in three packs (three 250-mL) in original and chocolate flavours. The new shelf-stable line also includes 946-mL cartons in original and unsweetened flavours. Both products are at major grocery retailers across Canada for a suggested retail price of $3.29 (three 250-mL) and $2.29 for 946 mL.

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