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Mounties, health, natural colours and more at IFT14 in the Big Easy – Part 2 coverage

Food in Canada   

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The Prairie Canada pavilion brought a taste of Canada to New Orleans and the Institute of Food Technologists' annual meeting and expo. Here's part 2 of our coverage with product highlights

The Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) held its Annual Meeting & Food Expo in New Orleans from June 21 to June 24.

This year also marked the association’s 75th anniversary.

Thousands of food scientists, research and development professionals, suppliers and marketers from around the world attended the show.

Canadian pavilion


Attendees also got a taste of Canada through the Prairie Canada pavilion. The pavilion came together through Alberta Canada, Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership, Manitoba Trade and Investment, and Western Economic Diversification Canada.

The Prairie Canada pavilion included Alberta Barley, Avena Foods, BESCO Grain, Best Cooking MountieatIFT200x266Pulses, Canadian Oats Milling, Ceapro, Cutarm Creek Farm, Hemp Oil Canada, Naturally Nutritious Foods, Prairie Berries, Saskatchewan Flax Development Commission, Shape Foods, and Alberta Agriculture & Rural Development.

The pavilion also included Chef Peter Phillips, who is director of Food and Events at Innovation Place, a research part in Saskatoon, Sask. At Innovation Place he is responsible for feeding the 4,500 people who work there.

And of course, it was hard for IFT visitors to miss a special guest at the pavilion, our very own Canadian Mountie, Paulo Arreaga from Vancouver (pictured).

If you missed IFT14, here’s a round up of some highlights and innovations Food in Canada saw at the show.

IFT15 takes place in Chicago from July 11 to July 14.


• The 2014 IFT Food Expo Innovation Awards went to: Arla Food Ingredients for its Nutrilac proteins for acid whey; PerkinElmer Inc. for its DairyGuard Milk Powder Analyzer; and Solazyme Inc. for its high stability high oleic oil derived from microalgae.

• A team from McGill University’s Food Science program went to the show as a finalist in IFT’s Student Association 2014 Competition. The team’s innovation – Frisson, a frozen dessert you can store at room temperature – took third place.

• The annual IFT Student Association’s Developing Solutions for Developing Countries gave the first place award to a team from Indonesia’s Bogor Agricultural University for Floya, an instant porridge packed with easily absorbed protein.

Product showcase

Matcha green tea
Aiya America 
introduced its Matcha To Go single-serve ultra-fine Matcha powder with dietary fibre. Matcha To Go can be poured directly into a water bottle or thermos and enjoyed either hot or cold. Matcha offers antioxidants, amino acids, protein, calcium, vitamin C and iron.

Digestive health
Beneo Inc. highlighted its solutions for low-glycemic functional carbohydrates such as ISOMALT and Palatinose, as well as Orafti chicory root-based prebiotic flour. Focusing on digestive health, Beneo featured its all natural prebiotic fibre oligofructose in multi-fibre nutrition bars.

Sans trans
IOI Loders Croklaan
highlighted its SansTrans Donut Fry P-MB, an all-purpose donut fry shortening. It’s a healthier solution that is trans-free and contains no partially hydrogenated oils (PHO).

Organic ingredient
showcased its new Bio-Engevita, an organic ingredient that is available as powder or flakes and is vegetarian, a source of B complex vitamins, non-GMO, and can be used as a topper. Also highlighted was Lalmin Immune, a yeast-based health ingredient formulated to protect the body.

Soluble fibre
highlighted its Fibregum, an all-natural soluble fibre that has high-digestive tolerance and proven prebiotic properties. Fibregum has no odour, colour or flavour. It enhances mouthfeel and flavour release and is an excellent bulking agent.

Starch, savoury solutions
Roquette America Inc.
highlighted its Algility HL whole algal flour, derived from microalgae. It can help lower saturated fat and calories, and is suitable for vegetarians. The company also showcased its polyols, proteins, corn syrups/solids, starches, glucose and maltodextrins.

Digestive health
Ganeden Biotech highlighted its GanedenBC30, a lactic acid producing probiotic bacteria that helps support digestive and immune health. It can be incorporated in frozen yogurt and baked goods to hot cereals and confections, and tea and coffee.

Ingredient solutions
Tate & Lyle highlighted its Soda-Lo salt microspheres that can reduce salt in products by 25 per cent to 50 per cent; PromOat Beta Glucan, which is a soluble fibre ingredient from oats; PrOatein, which is a natural protein concentrate from oats; Promitor soluble corn fibre, which is a well-tolerated prebiotic fibre that dissolves clear; and Tasteva Stevia Sweetener.

Microencapsulation solutions
Balchem Corp highlighted its VitaCholine ingredient to help consumers get enough choline. VitaCholine can be added to any processed food product or liquid, and helps improve cell health, maintain proper metabolic balance, and improve brain function.

Oranges, reds
LycoRed showed off its colours. Tomat-O-Red, which is a stable red colour from tomatoes, and Lyc-O-Beta, which are yellow and orange shades extracted from Blakeslea trispora beta-carotene.

Healthy pets
PF Inc. (Pet Flavors) produces safe, natural and palatable pet flavouring for nutritional supplements and animal health. The company’s Flavor Bases are used in chewable tablets, soft chews, granules and semi-solids to produce palatable and stable dosage forms.

Stay safe
Neogen Corporation highlighted its rapid microbiology system called Soleris. Soleris allows users to get results with less sample handling, less labour and less chance for error. Its ready-to-use vial technology measures microbial growth by monitoring pH changes and other biochemical reactions.

Converting acid whey
Arla Foods Ingredients Inc. had an award-winner on its hands. The company’s Nutrilac acid whey process won an IFT innovation award. A simple process using a Nutrilac protein derived from milk can turn acid whey into a range of dairy products.

Healthful products
Glanbia Nutritionals highlighted its BevGrad Chia ingredient in a bar and in a beverage. BevGrad Chia offers protein, fibre, is rich in calcium and has a shelf life of two years. Also highlighted was OptiSol 1061 Greek Yogurt Powder, which provides a Grade A, rBST Free cultured Greek yogurt powder and improves texture, flavour and processing.

Functional ingredients
Agropur Ingredients showcased its FlavoGen sensory technology, which helps to replace more costly dairy solids in existing formulations. FlavoGen can be blended into complete stabilizer systems, egg alternative systems or complete bases.

Ingredients and packaging
Skjodt-Barrett Foods Inc.
offers product development, manufacturing and packaging services. The company can help in several categories including infant nutrition, fruit snacks, smoothies, puddings, energy and nutritional gels, sauces, toppings and spreads, bar layerings and fillings, sauces and marinades and icings and glazes.

Natural antioxidant solutions
Kalsec Inc. highlighted its Herbalox seasoning and Duralox blends, which help maintain stability in non-hydrogenated oils. The company also highlighted its new Herbalox Rosemary Extract XT, which can help extend shelf life. It allows users to increase the amount of natural antioxidant to use without the flavour and aroma limitations.

Good health
Benecarb Glycemic Balance Complex and Earthlight Whole Food Vitamin D are two products PLT Health Solutions highlighted. Benecarb can help reduce the glycemic impact of carbohydrate-rich foods and beverages. Earthlight Whole Food Vitamin D is a real vegan, whole food source of vitamin D that doesn’t affect taste or texture.

Good colour
Roha, a JJT Group company, showcased its Natracol colours from nature, its Futurals range of colours made from concentrates of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and edible flowers and algae; and its Idacol ultimate synthetic colours. (Pictured samples)

Eye, heart health
Newtricious R&D is a Dutch company that develops active food ingredients. On display at the show was the company’s NWT-02 for eye health and NWT-03 for vascular health. NWT-02 is patented and has been incorporated into MacuView, a dissolvable powder.

Escape and innovate
David Michael & Co. had tasty products on hand to showcase its ingredients such as cocoa-mate, Supervan and raisinmate. The company highlighted its annual Innovation Roadshow and the Great Escape to innovation tour bus.

Chicory root
Sensus America Inc. promoted its Frutalose SF75, a low-calorie, all-natural sweetener designed to help manufacturers reduce sugar. The company had high-fibre, reduced sugar crepes at the booth to demonstrate the ingredient.

Peptides and gelatine
Gelita USA Inc. offers collagen proteins (collagen peptides and gelatine), which are natural, healthy and non-allergenic ingredients. Gelita highlighted its brands including Verisol, Fortigel, Peptiplus and Geliko Kosher. Collagen proteins are natural stabilizers and emulsifiers and provide health benefits for physical mobility, weight management and beauty.

Microwave crispy
Budenheim USA has tackled the challenge of preparing crispy snacks in the microwave with its ingredient called Budal MW 500. The ingredient is ideal for frozen pizzas, frozen par-baked puff pastries with fillings, yeast-raised frozen wheat dough applications and baked goods. Budal MW 500 can be used directly in dough or batter systems.

Sodium check
One Resonance Sensors introduced its Mobilab 130 for sodium testing. The system offers precise sodium content analysis in seconds because there is minimal to no sample preparation. The system also allows users to test more food items. The unit is portable and compact.

Lower sodium
Cambrian showcased Camlow BP, a natural way to reduce sodium while maintaining the function and taste profile of salt. Camlow BP is label friendly and vegetable based. It can reduce sodium by 25 per cent to 40 per cent with a one per cent dose, and maintains the functions of salt.

Oats, whole grains
Richardson Milling showcased its various oats, coated grains and clusters and wheat. Richardson Oilseed showcased its margarines and shortenings that include no hydrogenated oils or trans fat. Both companies are subsidiaries of Richardson International.

Processing solutions
GEA Niro showcased its process units and complete processing lines based on spray drying, freeze drying, flash drying, and fluid bed processing technology for food, dairy and beverage industries. GEA Process Engineering is a full-service engineering company offering systems and solutions for powder and liquid processing.

Richness without the fat
ButterBuds highlighted its Butter Buds, which are a natural butter concentrate that add flavour and reduce costs. The buds are made from real butter but are low in fat, cholesterol and trans fat. Cheese Buds are concentrated flavours produced from Wisconsin cheese. X-Blends are concentrated cheese blends designed to replace spray-dried cheese or cheese powder blends.

Indulgent solutions
Cargill introduced ViaTech, a stevia-based sweetener. The company also introduced a soybean oil made from identity-preserved (IdP), conventionally-bred (non-GM) soybeans. The company also showcased IngreVita, a shelf-stable, sensory neutral oil blend of canola oil and a marine-based source of EPA/DHA omega-3 fatty acids.

Clean labels
Palsgaard A/S introduced its Palsgaard Extrulce 304, a conventional emulsifier-and stabilizer solution that ensures a creamy, refreshing and full-bodied ice cream. It’s also a clean-label solution with just one additive. Extrulce 304 protects ice cream against heat shock damages when exposed to fluctuating temperatures during distribution and storage.

Get flavours just right
Ingredion Incorporated introduced a new instant thickener solution called PRECISA Sperse 100 starch. PRECISA is a high-performance, cold-water swelling starch. The company also launched SWEETABULARY sweetness language, a proprietary vocabulary that connects the consumer experience of sweetness with scientific terms. The company also launched Ingredion Idea Labs innovation centres in the U.S.

Very cherry
Naturex offered a range of new cherry-based antioxidants and curing enhancers for meat and poultry products. The acerola cherry-derived ingredients offer natural preservation. The company also developed XtraBlend RA, an antioxidant that combines acerola with rosemary extract to both colour and flavour in meat products. There was also the new Acerola Cherry 36, which contains more naturally occurring vitamin C, from 36 per cent to 38 per cent.

Wine and spirits
Mizkan Americas Inc. showcased is vinegars, cooking wines, denatured spirits, wine and vinegar reductions and industrial mustard. The company also highlighted its portfolio of green chiles, red and green jalapeños, chipotles and tomatillo peppers in dice, puree and IQF.

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