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Here's a roundup of news and products from the Institute of Food Technologists' (IFT) Annual Meeting & Food Expo in New Orleans from June 21 to June 24

The Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) held its Annual Meeting & Food Expo in New Orleans from June 21 to June 24. This year also marked the association’s 75th anniversary.

Thousands of food scientists, research and development professionals, suppliers and marketers from around the world attended the show. If you missed it, here’s a round up of some highlights and innovations Food in Canada saw at the show. And this is only Part 1. Look for more coverage next week.

IFT15 takes place in Chicago from July 11 to July 14.



• The 2014 IFT Food Expo Innovation Awards went to: Arla Food Ingredients for its Nutrilac proteins for acid whey; PerkinElmer Inc for its DairyGuard Milk Powder Analyzer; and Solazyme Inc. for its high stability high oleic oil derived from microalgae.

• A team from McGill University’s Food Science program went to the show as a finalist in IFT’s Student Association 2014 Competition. The team’s innovation – Frisson, a frozen dessert you can store at room temperature – took third place.

• The annual IFT Student Association’s Developing Solutions for Developing Countries gave the first place award to a team from Indonesia’s Bogor Agricultural University for Floya, an instant porridge packed with easily absorbed protein.

Product showcase

Food safety
Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc. highlighted its iQ-Check Prep Solution. The solution offers fully automated DNA extraction and real-time PCR testing; fully automated detection and data analysis and e-mail notification of results.

Full colour
Chr. Hansen introduced its Ultra Stable Red, which allows producers to remove Red #40. Also new was the DairyMax 144, which was developed for double-layered yogurts. The company also highlighted its range of yellow to orange solutions for almost all applications.

Shelf life
Hawkins Inc. highlighted its new eLminate product line of liquid antimicrobials. The eLminate benefits the meat and poultry industries. The line, which includes eLminate V vinegar, offers greater pathogen control and cleaner flavour.

Mask it
Virginia Dare introduced Pro-Mask, a new series of protein masking flavours. The company had ready-to-drink beverages, cookies and ice cream on hand to demonstrate the applications. All the foods were fortified with protein, either from whey, soy or milk.

Bunge highlighted its Saturate Sparing all-purpose bakery shortening (functional when liquid expected). It also showcased its trans free products that do not use partially hydrogenated oil, such as PhytoBake, which boosts beneficial phytosterols; and Nutra-Clear HS, an omega-9 canola oil, which delivers zero trans fat.

Specialty hydrocolloids
CP Kelco highlighted its key product lines including Gellan Gum, Pectin, Cellulose Gum, Xanthan Gum, Carrageenan, Carboxymethyl Cellulose, Diutan Gum and Microparticulated Whey Protein Concentrate, and unique biopolymers.

Full flavour
French’s Flavor Ingredients showcased its French’s Mustard, Frank’s RedHot Sauce, French’s Worcestershire Sauce, French’s Dry Flavors, French’s Mustard Flour, French’s French Fried Onions and French’s Potato Sticks.

World flavours
Carmi Flavors highlighted its product lines with eight booths, each focusing on specific geographic locations and food applications. The company offers flavours, fragrances, essential oils, masking agents, ice cream products, bakery solutions and specialty solutions.

Dairy concentrates
First Choice Ingredients showcased its dairy concentrates, which are available in paste, powder or liquid made from milk, yogurt, butter, cream and cheese. The concentrates are clean-label, kosher, rBST-free, non-GMO, organic and halal.

Yeast extracts
Bio Springer highlighted its Springer 2000 premium yeast extracts, which are naturally rich in nucleotides, ideal for sodium reduction, clean-tasting and allergen-free. The company offers bakers, brewers and torula yeasts. Also on display was Springarom CH 7012/20-PW, a natural cheese flavour – without dairy – product.

Functional ingredients
WTI Inc. highlighted its functional ingredients that help inhibit pathogens, extend shelf-life, reduce sodium content, enhance product flavour, maintain yields and improve product quality.

Choices for meat products
Jungbunzlauer highlighted is Potassium Lactate for shelf-life control, Lactic Acid for pathogen reduction, sub4salt cure and Sodium Gluconate stabilizer.

Data solutions
Sillker, a Mérieux NutriSciences Company, highlighted its TQIM solution, a system that collects data from multiple sources and organizes it to show deviations, compliance and overall performance.

Kitchen encounters
Newly Weds Foods unveiled a new service called Kitchencounters, which allows users instant access to the latest trends and where and when they occur. It also allows culinary staff to collaborate with customers in real time.

Unexpected twists
Sensient’s theme was Unexpected Twists. The company dished up several foods with specific ingredients to pique consumers’ interest, such as Olive Thyme Savory Greek Yogurt Dip, Chocolate Popcorn Ice Cream, Mango Guasacaca Water, Spicy Caramel Cashew. Sensient offers colours, flavours and fragrances.

Health ingredients
Wild Flavors showcased its Sweetness Enhancers, which are designed to provide the perception of sweetness. Also on display from the company’s H.I.T.S. line of healthy ingredients was Immunel, which supports immune health.

World Cup flavours
Bell Flavors & Fragrances Inc.’s theme was Brazilian cuisine – and that’s what was on hand to sample. The company also highlighted its masking flavours and bakery, confectionery, savoury, beverage and dairy flavours.

Performance ingredients
Univar Food Ingredients and CP Kelco offer ingredients for gluten-free products and ingredients that will help reduce sugar, sodium and fat, and add calcium and vitamins. The company helps connect clients to ingredients from a multitude of companies.

Safe scene
Ecolab Inc. offers products that help food processors produce safe food products. The company highlighted Advantis FC, which is a self-foaming, chlorinated alkaline detergent; Boost FT, which is a water activated, solid floor sanitizer; and a complete floor, drain and doorway sanitization program.

Texture and stabilization
TIC Gums debuted a new gluten-free product line and highlighted agglomerated xanthan products. Ticaloid GF 313, for example, is designed for use in sweet goods. Also on display was FASTir Xanthan EC, an agglomerated xanthan product that thickens and suspends with quick dispersion at low shear.

Savoury flavours
InnovaFlavors highlighted its customized savoury flavours, customized meat flavours, taste modifiers, and hydrolyzed vegetable proteins. One special treat on display was Feijoada, a Brazilian slow-cooked stew with pork and black beans.

Sweeten it up
Celanese introduced Qorus, its new sweetener system that allows clients to create an authentic taste in low- or no-calorie foods and beverages, including dairy, cocktails, carbonated beverages. Qorus can balance sweetness and mask off-notes.

Protein power
Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) highlighted its ADM Protein quality soy protein. Also on display was Clarisoy 170, a dairy protein replacement that is plant-based; and Textura, which offers gluten-free solutions and many ingredient options.


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