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Dairy drinks + health benefits increasing in popularity

By Food in Canada staff   

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Dairy drinks with health claims make up more than 70% of global launches, reports Beneo-Orafti on its website. The company reports that it has seen more than a 90% increase in the number of dairy drink products brought to market that contain inulin and oligofructose over the last seven years. It reports that in 2002 there were only 15 dairy drinks that contained the ingredient, but in 2008 that number had jumped to 181. Additionally the company reports that the largest proportion of dairy drink innovations are happening in Western Europe (28%) and Asia (24%), followed by Latin America (18%). In North America, 11% of dairy drinks on the market contain inulin and oligofructose, in Asia its 9% and 7% in Western Europe.
Beneo-Orafti manufactures inulin and oligofructose ingredients.

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