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Contrasting flavours wow in 2011

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Food Trends flavour forecast McCormick & Company

McCormick’s annual flavour forecast predicts intense flavour, creative contrasts

Sparks, Md. – McCormick & Company, Inc. has released its annual flavour forecast highlighting the taste combinations it predicts will influence the way we eat in the coming year. Next year, says the company, top trends centre around “craveable contrasts,” or the mixing and matching of unique and often unexpected tastes and textures.

Other food trends or “currents of change” the Sparks, Md.-based spice manufacturer says will shape menu items and new products in 2011 include the “spirit of discovery,” or adventurous ingredient and techniques; “flavour with benefits,” or good-for-you-foods with delicious flavour; “invigorating and uplifting,” exciting pops of flavour that bring new energy to meals; and “soul satisfaction,” comforting favourites that soothe the mind, heart and taste buds.

Each year the spice manufacturer also chooses 10 flavour pairings based on these trends. This year’s top combinations include:

•    Fennel and peri-peri sauce
•    Pickling spice and rice vinegar
•    Roasted curry powder and wild mushrooms
•    Caramelized honey and adzuki red beans
•    Ancho chilli pepper and hibiscus
•    Thyme and stone fruits
•    Mustard seed and vermouth
•    Cilantro and nut butters
•    Herbes de provence and popcorn
•    Green peppercorn and goat’s milk

McCormick’s has been releasing its annual flavour forecast for more than a decade. The forecast is compiled with input from a group of top chefs, food bloggers and other culinary experts.

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