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Certification for upcycled ingredients and products arrives in Canada 

By Food in Canada staff   

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The Upcycled Food Association (UFA), the trade association for the upcycled industry, expands its Upcycled Certified program into Canada.

As part of the expansion, UFA is partnering with Anthesis Provision, the food sustainability experts within Anthesis Group and COIL (Circular Opportunity Innovation Launchpad), Guelph-Wellington’s circular business accelerator in Ontario, to expand the reach of the third-party verified Upcycled Certified Mark to Canadian consumers, raising awareness and providing confidence that the food, beverage, cosmetic, companion pet food, home care, and cleaning products they buy include upcycled ingredients.

The Upcycled Certified Program has already certified over 200 products and ingredients in the United States. It is projected to prevent over 820 million lb of food waste next year.

“We’re thrilled to see increased investment in the upcycled space by Canadian businesses and from all levels of the government. We are proud to expand the Upcycled Certified program to catalyze even more impact,” said Ben Gray MS, RD, co-founder and chief innovation officer at the Upcycled Food Association and co-chair of the Upcycled Certified Standards Committee. “We’re confident the certification will further accelerate Canada’s progress toward ambitious climate goals.”


Donya Litowitz of ImPasta is one of the first brands to represent the UFA certified mark in Canada. “Canada and upcycling have been founding parts of our company story: a large portion of our squash is grown right here in Ontario.”

Upcycled Certified is administered by a third party certification body, Where Food Comes From, which ensures that every Upcycled Certified product and ingredient meets the rigorous Upcycled Certified Standard. To learn more about the Upcycled Certified program, visit or contact

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