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Welcome to Food Safety Week 2024

By Food in Canada Staff   

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Every year, we observe World Food Safety Day on June 7, which is dedicated to promoting awareness about safe food systems. This year’s theme, ‘Prepare for the unexpected,’ emphasizes the critical need for readiness in addressing food safety incidents, regardless of their severity.

In honour of this important day, Food in Canada launches Food Safety Week, a week-long exploration of one of the most vital issues in F&B processing.

According to the UN, one in 10 people worldwide fall ill from contaminated food each year, and more than 200 diseases are caused by eating contaminated food. This underscores the importance of stringent food safety measures in our industry.

For a full five days, Food in Canada will delve into the challenges, best practices, and cutting-edge solutions essential for ensuring the safety of the food we produce. Our expert content will cover the latest trends and provide valuable insights into maintaining the highest standards of food safety.


The Food Safety Week landing page, hosted on Food in Canada, will serve as a year-round hub for curious minds to learn best practices and find the latest information on food safety.

Food Safety Week 2024 is sponsored by BioMérieux.

Welcome to Food Safety Week 2024! Together, we can ensure a safe food system for everyone.

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