Food In Canada

On-farm food safety projects receive funding

Almost 300 on-farm food safety projects – including hog, beef and poultry farms – in Manitoba will receive part of a $1.5 million government investment

March 6, 2015  
Food in Canada

Food Safety

Winnipeg, Man. – Almost 300 on-farm food safety projects in Manitoba received a funding boost from the province and the federal government.

Both governments are investing $1.5 million to improve biosecurity, traceability, food safety and quality, and animal health practices on 289 on-farm food safety projects. The Manitoba farmers had applied for the funding.

More than half of all the projects (165) will take place on hog farms. Projects were also approved for beef (46), poultry (40) and bee (22) operations.

Sixteen of the projects were funded on dairy, horticulture, grains and oilseeds and other livestock farms.



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