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DeltaTRAK’s stable of thermometers can cover off almost any situation, offering units that monitor environmental and processing conditions of food

Pleasanton, Calif. – DeltaTRAK manufactures and sells a wide variety of thermometers.

The company offers Digital Thermometers that can quickly check the temperature of food being cooked or monitor temperature levels inside refrigerators and freezers.

The Min/Max Alarm Thermometer monitors temperatures inside environments without human contact. The company says it’s an excellent quality assurance tool.

DeltraTRAK also offers a Certified Refrigerator/Freezer Alarm Thermometer to monitor temperatures inside coolers that are opened and closed frequently.


Trying to measure the temperature of a moving object or an odd-shaped item is a challenge. Infrared Laser Thermometers can make difficult temperature measurements easy, giving virtually instantaneous readings with speed and accuracy. It can safely measure extremely hot surfaces, moving objects and odd shapes. It allows users to take measurements from a distance and eliminate the threat of contamination of raw or cooked food.

DeltaTRAK also offers a Digital Thermo-Hygrometers to measure temperature and relative humidity in greenhouses, broiler rooms, hatcheries, clean rooms and labs.

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