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Ingredient can help extend shelf life

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Kalsec Inc.’s Herbalox Seasoning offers natural oxidation inhibiting properties and masking effects

Kalamazoo, Mich. – Kalsec Inc.’s Herbalox Seasoning is a natural rosemary extract with standardized colour and flavour and offers oxidation inhibiting properties.

The company says users can add it to food products or ingredients that could benefit from the mild masking effect of rosemary flavour or its natural ability to improve shelf life by reducing oxidative deterioration.

The company explains that oxidation is a chain reaction, propagated by highly reactive free radicals generated during the initial oxidation stage.

The free radicals react within the system to form compounds that cause off odours, flavours and overall quality deterioration.


Herbalox Seasoning contains naturally occurring phenolic compounds that inhibit oxidation by inactivating the highly reactive free radicals.

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