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Antioxidants and You: Ingredient maker goes direct to video

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Kemin Industries, a U.S. provider of shelf-life extension and food safety solutions to help manufacturers protect food and beverage products, recently released a new video, “Antioxidants in Action.”

The video animates the oxidation process as Kemin experts discuss why meat and poultry products lose their colour and flavour. “Antioxidants in Action” showcases how traditional antioxidant and plant extract solutions delay the onset of lipid oxidation, keeping meat and poultry products safer and more appealing with a longer shelf life.

“When buying meat and poultry products, consumers rely on colour to make sure their choices are fresh and flavourful,” said Courtney Schwartz, principal marketing communications manager, Kemin Food Technologies in a release.

“This is why it is really important for processors to understand the impact of oxidation and how antioxidants can be incorporated to help protect meat and poultry products and ensure shelf life.”

Kemin Food Technologies offers traditional and plant extract solutions that significantly delay the onset of lipid oxidation, lengthening product shelf life of meat and poultry products. The “Antioxidants in Action” video highlights several Kemin ingredient solutions, including:

  • Fortium A, a line of natural acerola extracts designed for maximum effectiveness against color degradation;
  • Fortium R, a line of natural rosemary extracts for maximum colour and flavour protection;
  • Fortium RGT, a versatile combination of natural rosemary and green tea extracts that complement each other by providing superior antioxidant protection without impacting flavour, colour and odour profiles; and
  • NaturFORT, the latest line of unique plant extract blends designed for specific protein packaging needs.

“Our highly experienced technical team understands how ingredients work together. They can help processors determine whether they need a simple, single-ingredient formula, custom blend or extract designed to solve difficult, specific technical challenges with cost-effective solutions,” said Schwartz.

The Kemin R+D team uses formulation technology to determine the optimal and most cost-efficient inclusion rate in each meat matrix. Its customer laboratory services team provides dedicated support through all phases of testing, using a combination of analytical techniques and accelerated oxidation tests to provide customized shelf-life solutions.

Des Moines-based Kemin in January added a new Canadian division to its operations, buying its Quebec-based distributor Agri-Marketing Corp. for an undisclosed sum.

Agri-Marketing, based in the Montreal area at Mont-Saint-Hilaire, had provided distribution and manufacturing services for Kemin products in Canada for over 35 years. As a new Kemin division, it’s expected to focus on the animal nutrition and health market and the pet food and rendering industries.

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