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Toronto grocer apologizes for overcharging on Lysol disinfecting wipes

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March 30, 2020, Toronto, Ont. – Pusateri’s Fine Foods, a Toronto grocery chain, has apologized for selling Lysol disinfecting wipes for $29.99.

Frank Luchetta, president and CEO of the chain, said in a statement on the company website that the high price was a mistake and customers who purchased the product can get a refund.

“While no excuse, our stores are facing immense pressure on all levels of the operation,” he stated. “As a result of this mounting pressure, critical elements were overlooked including the incorrect pricing of this product.

“This was our mistake, our error, our oversight and we apologize to everyone impacted. We are promptly reviewing and adjusting any and all products that may have been improperly listed and every individual who purchased this product will be fully refunded by emailing”


Luchetta said the chain is a family-owned and operated business and shares the concern of the new realities that COVID-19 has created for everyone.

“This should have never happened, and it will never happen again.”

In a followup statement, the company explained that there is significant pressure on retailers amidst COVID-19 that is growing by the minute.

“Unexpectedly, and seemingly overnight, our stores were overcome with demands that could not have been anticipated or planned for,” the statement said. “We jumped in with both feet to juggle and manage all the moving parts as best as we could. Somewhere in the shuffle, there were mistakes and oversights that would have never happened under normal circumstances.”

The company said it is acting promptly to refund all customers who purchased the product and launched a full product review to ensure no other item in any of our stores was incorrectly priced.

Images taken at one of Pusateri’s locations near Avenue Road and Lawrence Avenue showed signs advertising Lysol wipes for $29.99 per container with a limit of one container per family.

Pusateri’s has six locations in the Toronto area.

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