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Toronto-based Hilary’s Salesmaster to distribute PATHWATER product in Canada

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March 4, 2020, Fremont, Calif. – PATHWATER, the first bottled water brand to introduce purified water in an infinitely refillable, recyclable aluminum bottle, is entering the Canadian retail market through its exclusive Canadian distribution partnership with Toronto, Ont.-based Hilary’s Salesmaster Inc.

“The revolution to eliminate single-use plastic waste is catching on worldwide and we love that Canadian retailers are embracing the need for a sustainable solution,” Shadi Bakour, CEO and co-founder of PATHWATER, said in a press release.

“As a leader in the eco-friendly water space, we are on a mission to break the world’s single-use, plastic, bottled water addiction and are excited to expand our consumer reach to Canada.”

PATHWATER’s pH-balanced and electrolyte-infused still water is housed in a white brushed-aluminum bottle to encourage continuous reuse and refilling. The texture and aluminum composition of the bottle makes it ideal for carrying on the go and repurposing and reusing throughout daily life.


PATHWATER’s still water formulation works in harmony with the body’s natural pH-levels, while offering electrolytes for added functional benefit.

“We are excited that PATHWATER has chosen Hilary’s as the exclusive distribution partner for the Canadian market,” stated David Yuranyi, vice president of development at Hilary’s Salesmaster Inc. “We believe that PATHWATER is on the forefront of innovation and we will work tirelessly to represent the brand.”

PATHWATER bottles are filled with water that is ultra-purified through a seven-step reverse osmosis process. It is free from any impurities, providing consumers with balanced hydration.

Hilary’s Salesmaster has a strong national presence in the Canadian retail market. The company handles all regulatory, labeling, marketing and full distribution from its 80,000-square-foot facility just north of Toronto.

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